Amsoil USAC Indiana Sprint Week Recap

Plainfield, IN- Indiana Sprint Week has come and gone now for Chad Boespflug and his NineEight Motorsports / EZR Team. The NineEight Motorsports /EZR 98e dawned a new look displaying their partnership with PAC Racing Springs / Schroeder Torsion Bars in neon yellow on the special edition black 98e as the title sponsor for ISW. The past two weeks were filled with extreme highs and some lows as they traveled the state of Indiana for seven night of racing with the AMSOIL USAC National Sprint Car Series. The Seven nights of racing in nine days was extended with one rain out during the middle of the week which extended ISW an additional night as they traveled back to Terre Haute, IN to makeup the event originally scheduled for Wednesday.

Each night averaged a field of 45 tough competitors as they entered seven different tracks. Along the way the competition shifted as they traveled from corner to corner of the state mixing in strong local competitors that might not normally travel with the USAC series. On any given night 20 plus cars were beyond capable of taking home a win if not the ISW championship title. Thus making each and every team that more accountable as they entered each night, it would be no cake walk for anyone. Time trials are always huge at a USAC event but this week even more so as each heat fielded approximately twelve cars. Making the heat race inversion and earning a top six starting spot each night was crucial with the car counts as less cars would transfer on through a heat race. Boespflug was able to put himself in that desired position six of the seven nights making things a little easier on him and the team giving them to opportunity to potentially transfer on without having to race the B or even C Main.

Boespflug only timed out of the top 5 twice with a quick time, second, two fourths, and a fifth. He set ProSource Quick Time at Bloomington Speedway Friday and in turn became the New Track Record holder. A second quick time trial run came the following night at Tri State Speedway. Strong qualifying runs for Boespflug definitely worked to his advantage transferring out of all but one heat race directly into the AMain throughout the week. Consistency is key in making the features throughout ISW. A rough night at Lawrenceburg started with a bad time trial and that put the team behind the eight ball all night. Having to run both the C and B main they thrashed to get the car going better each race and still came up short of making the AMain. 

"All it takes is one mistake to through things off for the whole night and the we are caught chasing out tails trying to get back ahead. I did not feel comfortable all night and it showed in our results. We took a provisional as we are still in the hunt for national points and every race counts because you never know when someone else might have an off night. Unfortunately part failure ended out night early after taking the provisional. One bad night in comparison to the rest of the week we had isn't much in the whole scheme of things, but we learned from our run at The Burg and hope to improve when we return there in the fall." - said Boespflug in regards to missing the show at The Burg.

Three top tens, an eleventh, a twelfth, twenty first, and twenty second finish landed Boespflug in 7th place overall in Indiana Sprint Week Points. Following these seven nights of national points races Boespflug has advanced to the 6th position in overall USAC National points. As of now it is undecided what the next few races on the NineEight Motorsports /EZR schedule will be as USAC announced yesterday that the two day show at Granite City at the end of this month has been removed from the schedule. The next USAC race isnt until the end of August with the four day Smackdown event. Boespflug intends to fill in the gap in the USAC National schedule with a possible race or two.

Thank You to All Continued Supporting Partners:
Amsoil, Bell Helmets, Butlerbuilt Seats, B & W Auto Mart, Claxton Engines, Creative Finishing, DLG, FK Indy, Hinchman Indy, HRP, Indy Race Parts, Manvel Motorsports, Maxim Racing, Midwest Shades, PAC Racing Springs, RevvedUp Industries, Rockwell Time, Shaws,
Schroeder Torsion Bars, and STIDA.

Race Results:
USAC at Gas City i69 Speedway: 7/8: Qualifying: 4th / 47 Cars - Heat Race: S 6th F 4th - AMain: S 4th F 21st
USAC at Kokomo Speedway: 7/9: Qualifying: 4th / 47 Cars - Heat Race: S 6th F Won - AMain: S 4th F 6th
USAC at Lawrenceburg Speedway: 7/10: Qualifying: 34th / 43 Cars - Heat Race: S 8th F 9th - AMain: S 24th F 22nd
USAC at Lincoln Park Speedway: 7/14: Qualifying: 5th / 50 Cars - Heat Race: S 5th F 2nd - AMain: S 4th F 3rd
USAC at Bloomington Speedway: 7/15: Qualifying: 1st NTR / 48 Cars - Heat Race: S 6th F 3rd - AMain: S 6th F 11th
USAC at Tri State Speedway: 7/16: Qualifying: 2nd / 39 Cars - Heat Race: S 6th F 4th - AMain: S 5th F 8th
USAC at Terre Haute Action Track: 7/17: Qualifying: 14th / 32 Cars - Heat Race: S 3rd F 4th - AMain: S 13th F 12th

We would like to take the time to Thank PAC Racing Springs / Schroeder Torsion Bars for partnering with us for Indiana Sprint Week.
"Having PAC Racing Springs and Schroeder Torsion Bars on board with us this past week as we traveled across Indiana was an absolute pleasure. We can't thank them enough for the support of our team and our dream. The PAC Springs Maxim was fast all week and even picked up a New Track Record at Bloomington Speedway. We are proud to represent PAC as a brand and use nothing but the best quality equipment and that is why we choose their products."  - Chad Boespflug