Boespflug Beefs Up an Already Busy Schedule

Plainfield, IN- Chad Boespflug is set to enter one the most grueling season he has competed in year to date. Setting out to tackle the entire Amsoil USAC National Sprint Car schedule as an owner / driver operation for the first time. Years past Boespflug has competed in approximately half of the USAC scheduled dates solely as a driver. However this seasons new venture holds an intense schedule. One that sees Boespflug strapping into the NineEight Motorsports/ EZR 98e over 50 times traveling across 12 different states to compete at the highest level of non wing sprint car competition. Juggling travel time, expenses, and a full time day job Boespflug will be pressed for hardly any additional spare time. With that said the opportunity for Boespflug to race much more than a few local races between USAC competition in the 98e will be tough.

During the off season Boespflug was approached to compete in a "hit and miss" type of schedule in addition to his already committed NineEight Motorsports / EZR schedule. The idea of someone else providing equipment, maintaining cars, and taking care of getting the cars to and from the track for any additional races was one Boespflug couldn't pass by.

"It was the opportunity to be able to more or less just show up at the track ready to race with all of the behind the scenes stuff taken care of already. That made this decision to fill in my schedule with additional races a lot easier. Having a full time job in addition to racing makes it difficult to do much more with my own stuff than we have already set out to do. Thankfully my boss is understanding of the travel and time away from the office that is needed, but this allows me to not have to take as much time away from work." - Boespflug expresses why this decision was the best fit for him.

Boespflug is set to pilot the SST Motorsports Physical Medicine Consultants #41 DRC Chassis, co-owned by David S. Stensland and his father David A. Stensland for approximately 30 additional races in 2016. SST Motorsports was established by the father son duo in the fall of 2005. Fielding cars for likes of Dave Darland and Thomas Meseraull.  Boespflug has raced for SST Motorsports on occasion over the past few seasons, even picking up a win their first night together at Lincoln Park Speedway in 2013. The focus behind this pairing is to compete at a local level making appearances at Bloomington Speedway, Gas City Speedway, Kokomo Speedway, and Lincoln Park Speedway. In addition the SST schedule will included all sprint car appearances during Indiana Midget Week the beginning of June. 

"SST Motorsports is excited to have a veteran sprint car driver like Chad Boespflug behind the wheel of the #41 DRC chassis/Kercher Engines entry for a number of races in 2016.  Having been paired together for a few races in the past, including a win at Putnamville in 2013 the first time he was in the car, we are pleased to have Chad in the car for an extended period of time this season.  Every time we have had the opportunity to work together, I have always learned something more about our cars setup through the excellent feedback Chad has provided.  He has conducted himself professionally and has always added an element of fun to our nights at the track.  Chad has the unique ability to analyze a car to identify areas lacking in the setup, make the appropriate changes and jump into the seat and gas it up with some of the best sprint car drivers in the country.  We hope to provide Chad with a quality ride for selected local shows in 2016 to augment the ambitious USAC schedule that he will run in his NineEight Motorsports 98 with the support of Eberhardt Zirzow Racing (EZR).  This joint venture will allow Chad to focus on the maintenance of his primary team, but continue to hone his skills during the limited breaks in the USAC schedule.  It is my hope that this Win-Win business proposition will find victory lane a number of times this season." - David S. Stensland spoke on behalf of SST Motorsports.

SST Motorsports Supporting Partners:
Bud's Auto Sales, Infinity Shocks, Physical Medicine Consultants, and ProStrip.

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Amsoil, Bell Helmets, Butlerbuilt Seats, Claxton Engines, Creative Finishing, DLG, FK Indy, Hinchman Indy, Indy Race Parts, Manvel Motorsports, Maxim Racing, Midwest Shades, RevvedUp Industries, Shaws, and STIDA.

2016 Schedule

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