Heartbreak for Boespflug and RAB Racing at Chili Bowl 2016

Plainfield, IN- Tuesday January 12th kicked off the 30th Annual Chili Bowl Nationals in Tulsa, OK. Over 345 cars entered this years events. Four Preliminary Nights took place Tuesday through Friday consisting of heat races, qualifiers, a D, C, B, and AMain. Preliminary night finishing orders would collectively line up all of Saturday's races. 

Chad Boespflug's preliminary night took place Tuesday against 84 of approximately 345 total competitors. Pill draw for heat races was in his favor drawing a low number that would in result place him on the pole of one of eleven heat races. Accumulated passing points from all racing events throughout the preliminary night would line up all events following heat races. Therefore it was key for Boespflug to maintain position and get out front of the field quickly to earn the most possible points. He did just that, got the jump on the initial start and maintained the first position the entire heat race
 earning he and the RAB Racing Team a heat race win. Winning his heat race and earning the maximum points he was eligible for placed Chad in the top 40 in passing points, locking them into one of four Qualifier's. 

Qualifier lineups inverted the top 24 of the 40 in passing points placing Boespflug in a front row starting position once again. Same goal was in mind for the qualifier as in the heat race, to maintain position to earn the most points possible. Boespflug took the lead on the initial start and maintained it until lap 4 before loosing a hard fought back and forth battle with Spencer Bayston. Bayston took over the lead on lap 4, but Boespflug battled back to regain the lead just as a caution came out. Boespflug lines up second on the restart and gave it all he had to regain the lead back, but came up a little short and finished second in Qualifier #1. His performance in both the heat race and qualifier placed him 12th in overall points out of 85 cars, locking him into the 25 lap AMain.

Earning the 12th starting position in the AMain marked the third year in a row that Boespflug transferred into the AMain on his preliminary night straight through qualifying. That is a feat in itself against such tough competition. He and the RAB Racing Team were thrilled to be locked into the AMain once again. Boespflug had a strong car prepared by he and his team to start the AMain. He quickly passed his way up to a top 5 position trailing four successful midget regulars. Note Boespflug has competed in less than five total midget races in his career, three of which took place at the Chili Bowl. Boespflug maintained his momentum to keep himself in the hunt for potentially a podium finish by running the high side banging off the cushion lap after lap. A late race hard charging Joey Saldana was able to sneak by Boespflug on the bottom with just a few laps remaining, he dropped back just once position and went on to finish sixth. 

"What a fun night. Had a great car tonight. Can't thank the RAB guys enough for all the hard work all night." - Chad Boespflug said following Tuesday's race.

Finishing in the top 10 in a preliminary night AMain earned you a starting spot in either the A or BMain for Saturday's main event. The past two years Boespflug has been locked into a CMain for Saturday competition. His performance this year in preliminary competition advanced him to a BMain starting position for Saturday. He would line up 6th in the first of two BMain's. Each BMain would take the top six transfers on to the 55 lap Chili Bowl AMain finale. 

"Pretty pumped for today's chances to put it in the AMain tonight." - Boespflug said once finding out he was starting in a transfer position for Saturday's BMain.

Boespflug lined up in the 6th starting position for the first BMain with one thing on his mind, put it in the big show. To do just that he needed to maintain his starting position or move forward. At the drop of the green he took off with what appeared to be a hard charging car that was hooked up once again. Boespflug completed one lap and began to fall back after advancing with the leaders the lap prior. Exiting turn two on lap #2 it was apparent that the #57B was in trouble puffing out a lot of smoke. As the car slowed on the backstretch the heartbreak of being that close to an AMain starting spot in the Chili Bowl Nationals sunk in throughout the RAB Racing pit area. Boespflug himself maintained composure despite the disappointment of a blown motor after making it so far. 

"Dang it. We had a great car. Just wish the motor would have held on. Although we had a disappointing ending to our run in Tulsa we improved and I improved. In the three years I've gone to the Chili Bowl I've made my prelim night AMain through my qualifier and have made the CMain on Saturday twice and the BMain once. We had a great shot at the A this year but it was just not meant to be. I have to thank Bill and Amy Ecker and the entire RAB Racing Team for the opportunity to race for them once again, we had fun. Thank you to everyone that made this trip happen yet again." - Boespflug reflects on his 2016 Chili Bowl trip.

Thank You to All Supporting Sponsors:
Amsoil, Bell Helmets, Butlerbuilt Seats, DLG, Hinchman Indy, Indy Race Parts, Manvel Motorsports, Midwest Shades, RAB Racing, RevvedUp Industries, STIDA.

Chad still needs your Vote for the Champion Spark Plugs Search for a Champion 2016 Contest. Click the image above to Vote Now! Voting is open daily now through February 2nd, 2016.

Chad still needs your Vote for the Champion Spark Plugs Search for a Champion 2016 Contest. Click the image above to Vote Now! Voting is open daily now through February 2nd, 2016.