4 Crown Nationals Recap

Plainfield, IN - Saturday Chad strapped in to the Nolen Racing 20N for the first time to compete in the Amsoil USAC 4 Crown Nationals at Eldora Speedway. A strong field of over 50 sprint cars filled the pits for the historic event.

Chad went out fairly late for qualifying. He managed to lay down a lap in the 16 second bracket that would place him in the top 15 in Amsoil Prosource Qualifying, timing 13th quick overall. Making the heat race inversion Chad would start 3rd in the first heat race. A great start saw him closing in on heat race leader Tracy Hines as he secured the 2nd place spot. Just before halfway in the heat race flames and smoke came from the Nolen Racing 20N. Most thought a blown motor the cause, however an oil fire was determined to be the problem. Chad managed to finish the heat race although dropping back to 6th and out of a transfer position as the oil that overflowed covered the left rear tire causing handling problems.

Missing the transfer in the heat race was disappointing as the team had a fast car very capable of making the feature if not winning the heat race due to a mechanical issue. Chad would line up 4th in the BMain and try once again to make it into the 4 Crown Nationals AMain. Once again Chad jumped out early battling for the top positions before fading back and missing the transfer. Upon returning to the pit area following the BMain Chad analyzed the car and discussed with crew members what they thought the reason for being so good early and then falling off so quickly. A tire sealing over appeared to be the cause. The team discussed what they could have done better to improve their results on the slick track conditions.

"Not the results we wanted but I had fun in the Nolen Racing 20N and with the Nolen Racing Team." - Chad Boespflug

Chad will return to the Nolen Racing 20N for this Saturday's Amsoil USAC Fall Nationals at Lawrenceburg Speedway. Fall National's will pay $10,000 to the Winner as it is the last Amsoil USAC race in Indiana for the 2015 Season. It is also Pretty in Pink Night at The Burg in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Be sure to wear your pink Boespflug Merchandise to show your support for Chad and Breast Cancer Awareness.

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