Boespflug Prepares for USAC's Northern Swing

Plainfield, IN -Chad competed with the Midwest Sprint Car Series this past Saturday at Tri State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN. A high pill draw put Chad starting seventh in the heat race. Typical with MSCS a deep starting spot isn't too bad as the format is combined passing points and finishing points to put you in a transfer position for the AMain.

However this time that deep starting spot didn't work to Chad's advantage as he was in the first heat race which was on a fast once groove track with little to no passing. Chad manages to pass one car and finish sixth. Thus missing the redraw as he didn't have enough points to give him the opportunity to draw for his starting position. The remainder of the field would then be lined up by total accumulated points. Chad would start 11th in the $5,000 to win AMain.

The track surface was better for the feature event with multiple groves and more passing. Chad was passing for fifth around lap 10 when he slowed and pulled to the infield as a result of a broken rear end. A disappointing way to end the night as they he had began to pass cars and move forward.

Following the disappointing finish this weekend the Amati Team
has traveled back to the Southern Illinois based shop where they will rebuild and prepare for AMSOIL Sprint Car's USAC Northern Swing, which begins Friday. Chad as well as the Amati Team are looking forward to these races as they have not competed at any of the tracks before. First stop of the three race weekend will be to AMSOIL Superior Speedway in Superior, WI. This is the home track for AMSOIL, a supporting Sponsor of Chad and Amati Racing, Inc. as well as the Title Sponsor of the USAC Sprint Car Series. A full schedule of this weekends events is listed below. For updates and race results follow along to Chad's Facebook Fanpage.

Upcoming Events:
Friday August 7th - AMSOIL Superior Speedway - Superior, WI USAC
Saturday August 8th - Cedar Lake Speedway - New Richmond, WI USAC

Sunday August 9th - Angell Park Speedway - Sun Prairie, WI USAC