Kokomo Smackdown III Recap

Night 1:
Motor trouble from the get go had Chad and the Team thrashing to determine the problem causing them to fall behind from the beginning of the night. After the conclusion of Time Trials Chad had a good enough lap for the Heat Race Invert but was forced to scratch from the event prior to the rain as the motor problem couldn't be fixed the track.

The reminder of Night 1 was resumed Saturday afternoon where Chad was able to tag the tail of the BMain and try and race his way into the AMain. He did just that with a determined mindset he was able to qualify through the BMain to start on the tail of the AMain. Still battling motor troubles throughout the AMain he finished 16th.

Night 2:
Timing 25th overall Chad missed the Heat Race Invert. Started and finished 7th in the Heat not qualifying to the AMain. Lined up 9th for the BMain and carried momentum to finish 3rd transferring to the AMain. He was on the move and running 12th after starting 22nd Chad slows on the front stretch. Another unfortunate end to the night after running strong to charging from deep. Yet again seemed to be something wrong under the hood as he went pit side just after half way.

Night 3:
Struggling with motor issues again for the third night in a row Chad didn't finish well in the Heat Race that was lined up by accumulative points from Night 1 & 2. As a result he was forced to try and transfer through the BMain. After starting 7th in the BMain he quickly gained ground on the leaders and passed them clean by halfway holding on to take the BMain Win.

Chad finishes 12th from 18th in the AMain and clenches the Spire Sports + Entertainment "Passing Master" Award for the Weekend and an extra $500 by passing 30 cars!

He also picked up the USAC Hard Charger Award for Saturday's Smackdown Finale 40 lap AMain. In addition to those accomplishment Chad also won the GoPro BMain Winner Award of a new GoPro.

Despite the motor troubles that put them behind all weekend Chad qualified into all 3 AMains.

As Legendary Car Owner Paul Hazen received the Inaugural Bill Gardner "True Grit" Award for his determination and fight throughout the entire weekend battling motor troubles. What an honor for USAC to acknowledge Paul's and the entire Team's efforts all weekend.