Boespflug Retakes Gas City Point Lead

PETERSEN MEDIA- Looking to keep a very hot summer going, Chad Boespflug scored a seventh place on Friday night at the I 69 Speedway in Gas City, IN, before scoring a fifth place finish at the Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville, IN on Saturday night.

“Overall we had a great weekend, and ended up taking the point lead back over at I 69,” Boespflug said.

Back in the Paul Hazen No. 57, Boespflug lined up for Friday night’s feature in the 12th spot, and hoped he could duplicate last weeks charge to the front.

On the third lap, Boespflug picked up a vibration in his engine, and opted to back off just a touch, to save his equipment.

By the 5th lap, Boespflug had made it up to the seventh spot, and continued to just make laps, and not force any issues.

Hoping to make it to the finish, Boespflug held on to his seventh spot, and was able to take over the track point lead in doing so.

“Friday night, we had a good car, but when I got the vibration, I just took it easy, as we are not the most funded team, and did not want to cause any catastrophic damage to our engine,” he explained.

Heading to Putnamville, IN on Saturday, Boespflug rolled off for the feature in the 10th spot, and had a great start to the feature, that saw the Hanford, CA native, make some daring moves, and jump into the top-five.

Looking for more, Boespflug looked at the third spot, and has he went for it, the car he was working on, bobbled and got out of shape, forcing him to check up, and fall back to the fifth spot.

Trying to get back to the fourth spot, Boespflug tried a pair of slide-jobs, but was unable to make anything stick, and he settled for a fifth place finish.

“We have been running really well the last few weeks, and I am excited to race this car on a weekly basis,” he said. “Hopefully we can keep this up, and even pick up a couple of more feature event wins.”

ON TAP: Chad will be back at the I 69 Speedway on Friday night, before heading to the Lincoln Park Speedway on Saturday night.

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